Sunday, January 22, 2012

Losing it

Hello readers.

You see, I'm having a second thought about this blog. The thing about running a blog where it aims to document your TTC is pretty tedious, simply because TTC is not as interesting and it could take years for a legit happy entry.

Right at this moment I'm self-convincing that this blog is a memoir. Whether we're able to get pregnant or not, at least I could look back and say, "I've tried"

So, what's up with me since the day I turned 32? Well you can bet things are pretty much the same. Mundane routine.

My last trip to the obgyn was on December 12th last year. Did a scan and she proposed that I undergo for laparoscopic ovarian drilling. She described my eggs as pearl necklaces encircling my ovary but they refuse to come out.


Mine looked exactly like these! Source

So the procedure will hope to release those eggs and prior to that she would also perform the tube dye test to find out whether my fallopian tubes are blocked or open. What really agitated me is the fact that only after a good 3 years seeing these so-called specialists, I was finally diagnosed me with PCOS. 3 years. I mean isn't my weight or my thin moustache a dead giveaway? Sheeesh...

Nonetheless, the best advice that hit home was for me to give a shot at lifestyle modification. Of course my beloved husband took heed.

As I mentioned on the previous entry, I talked about how hubs's birthday present took me off guard.

Here's why.

He got me a 1 year gym membership!

I cried like a baby, I was confused and I felt humiliated at the same time but he was adamant about me shedding off some of those lbs. To prove that we are in it together, he volunteers to train along with me. That is the closest thing hubs ever done to being romantic nowadays.  

To date, I have been attending the gym 7 times, 6 times on my own and my first session with a trainer, and already at the first meeting she told me this,

"Riena, you gonna hate me starting 5th session onwards, and I can live with that, but you'll thank me later"

How cocky you might say, I know right? 

I keep telling myself, as long as hubs around, no one will hurt me, I guess I'll be fine. I must.

For the record, it has been 6 days I did not consume rice, and I've not been drinking sugary liquid. I've lost about 1.2kg. I feel good, that I must admit because even after I came back from the gym I still have the energy to do a bit of house chores. And I can't deny, I love to work out! Blessed.

The first day of gym was a bit funny and uncomfortable as my eyes were abused by an array of unpleasant sights, for instance butt acne, half inch nipple, unshaved armpits, torn bras and what not. That was my first day, surviving the female locker room. Still got a headache just by recalling that one. Aaah...Better still, I will tell you more of my training session in my future entries. Just to keep things interesting in here, what do you say? I say thumbs up.

Apart from that, yesterday I was on my 4th cycle of clomid. The obgyn has increased the dosage to 150mg. Seriously I don't know why they keep feeding me these. Obviously they do not work! They're in fact the culprits of my mindless eating. In addition she ever prescribed me Metformin, the diabetic pills to curb my cravings and purportedly help me to lose weight. I did not even pop a tab. You may say I'm in denial but at the back of my mind it just didn't feel right. 

The culprits
And so, I guess 2012 kicked off on the right foot. 

Input equals output. That will be my mantra this year.

You, kind readers out there, please pray for me. And with that, I thank you in advance.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Day One of ...

Birthday weekend was spent quietly at home, tidying up my crib to receive the in-laws.

Hubs's birthday caught me off guard. It's going to be life changing, for the better I hope.

And it has something to do with our bid to get pregnant.

Today is Day One. I'm already a nervous wreck.

Wish me luck, because I'll be needing every speck of it.

And here's a song to remind me that's it's only the beginning, must not chicken-out!

Friday, January 06, 2012

And so I turn 32 today.

Happy Birthday to me, the hopeful wife.

Thank you for dropping by. This blog seeks to narrate my journey in ttc, and we are taking baby steps. If you don't have any idea what ttc is, sorry dear, you're at the wrong place.

Here's my first narrative for today,

I stand at 153cm, weighs 207lbs.

Married for 6 years and 9 months.

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant.

Nice to met you.