Sunday, February 19, 2012

A tsunami

A cruel tsunami has hit the family recently...

Thus I'm not so sure whether there's a fiber in me is able to move forward with ttc.

As much as the devastating news broke my heart and of my loved ones'... that is as much my diet plan has fell through. In the midst of stress and nerve wrecks, I skipped 9 days of training and worse, I've started devouring that white substance again, and white substance here means 'carbs'! Please don't get any idea.

If, should be any readers out there, please pray for me and support me to carry on with my regime. The tsunami happened so fast that we are still mending our broken spirits. Life is about to change, and the scary thing is, we are not sure it's for the better or for the worse...

Nevertheless, life must go on.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


I feel good.

I went in on January 9th as a 95kg.

Last night during weighing-in, the scale flashed 90.1kg!

I am so proud of myself.

Must work harder and not reward myself with food!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Whoa Kelly!

Kelly Osbourne is such an inspiration for me. I want a body like hers by 2013. And her hair too.

I love her even more now after learning her adversities despite being a mega rock star's daughter.

On a different note, something's amiss about my clomid cycle this time because on the eleventh day, I was still spotting. In fact the blood was brownish. During a clomid cycle, on the 10th day onwards on one's period she should have sexual intercourse in order to conceive and normally during this time the period stops. It got me a little worried that mine did not but then again, maybe it has something to do with me engaging in training session and a change of diet. Just maybe.

Speaking of a change in diet, I must admit that I'm not very pleased with the way I eat. There's lack of variety and as a result, my constipation was really bad. I'm sick of the wholemeal bread, the sight of oat triggers my barfing switch and I can't sip another green tea... I hate myself for doing so but I haven't given up. Now I find solace in dried young mangoes to a point of being addictive.

My sister has helped me a lot, advising me on what to eat. Knowledge is key, she emphasized. She promotes the use of non-stick pan (the pricey one like Tefal) for I can avoid using oil altogether and she promised that my food tastes much much better. I'm currently persuading Hubs to get me a decent oven so I can roast organic chicken to my heart's content! There's something about roast chicken that makes me feel good, it reminds me a lot of my mom and dad; my little family in Kuching... and who doesn't fancy the marinade fragrance of a roast chicken? My cats would so agree with me on this.

I hope my plan doesn't work against me because then I'd be very disappointed and beat myself up badly.

Have faith!

Much ado about nothing

La Pomme verte
Hello readers.

Quite dusty in here, I know... the reason being, yours truly was a little bit under the weather, and believe it or not, it all started because of this green apple.

You see guys, I was never a fan of green apples. I was told by a famous speaker that eating anything sour (inlcuding green apple) is not encouraged if you want to think sharply, hence I only eyed for red ones since. So in my bid to lose weight, I was advised by my trainer to indulge in green apples, so told that it expedites my metabolism and helps to decrease my crazy appetite for anything sweet. That afternoon, I went down to the campus's cafeteria to pack me some lunch which included green apple juice sans sugar and a green apple, which I picked from the drink maker's basket at the counter. It was a small one, no bigger than a toddler's fist. Then happily I walked to the cashier when snapped, the apple itself costs me RM2.30!

I purchased it anyway because the cashier was adamant and I, on the other hand was consumed by silent outrage. "How dare she... charging me an apple bud for RM2.30!" I thought. When I went back to my office, well of course I had to blast a post my Facebook's wall. Most agreed that the price was ridiculous.

And as reflex would have it, I complained to Hubs too. He, as usual had a different response.

"So, have you eaten the apple?" he asked. I said no. In fact my response was childish, "No, because I could buy a diamond ring with it"

"Eat it, trust me you'll feel good" he reassured.

That night, because I was so stressed out departing with my RM2.30 and due to my dissatisfaction towards the cafe operator, I induced myself a diarrhea, gastric and nausea. All at once. What came out in front simultaneously came out at the rear. Gross, I know. I skipped 3 training sessions because I literally couldn't stomach the pain but on top of everything else, I was still furious over my stupidity for purchasing the green apple.

As days went by, I put my reflection cap on. How trivial it was that I fussed over a little green apple that was in the first place, supposed to make me feel good about myself. Instead, the negative me perceived its price tag as a burden and brought myself down! How can I let myself succumbed to 230 cents?

Imagine if I hadn't fussed over the apple and just enjoyed the crunchy bits;

  • I'd have not run down by fever, diarrhea and gastric
  • I'd have lost calories by attending my training sessions, 600 calories at least!
  • I'd have accomplished my weekend chores
  • I'd felt good about myself!
My point is, I should have credited myself for letting the thought of savoring a green apple crossed my mind! That's a positive step towards healthy eating.
From this moment on, I must focus on what is right, and never bring myself down. And of course, I must avoid much ado about nothing. It's not worth it.

The green apple still sits nicely on my desk. Will surely enjoy it tomorrow, first thing in the morning.