Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finding Happiness in July

Assalamualaikum readers,

My last entry was way back in February. I know I made a promise (to myself) that I'd put at least an entry per week but what do you know, future has a funny way of manifesting, one stunt at a time...hence the long hiatus.

Skipped 4 months, fast forward to today, I'm no longer with the top 4 university in the country. I have pulled the contract plug (wish I had done that sooner) for good and settled with the top 24 instead. Still bearing the same post, what delight me the most of this shift is for the fact that I'm moving back to my hometown, Kuching. Now isn't that a blessing?

As for my significant other, he's been very supportive and we decided to succumb everything to Allah swt, for He is the Almighty and only He gets to decide the portion of your rezeki, the duration of your jodoh and the finale of your life. Allahuakhbar. I could ask no more from Him for I think my prayer has been answered; I am finally a permanent employee.

I would be lying if I said that things just fall into places the minute I submitted my acceptance letter. No, in fact I was struggling, to this very day. First, just days before I got the precious email from my current registrar, my husband and I moved to a new place, rented still but boy was it homely. I was lucky enough to have it filled with new stuff, courtesy of my parents (told you I was blessed!). Writing this makes me miss the house even more. I only realized that I got so attached to it when during facetime, I asked my husband to capture my living hall and my kitchen and even asked him to open the refrigerator!

And of course, the person I shared the house with... my husband. This year has been turbulent for the both of us, especially now that he's back and forth to JB and KL; with me being ridiculously unhappy at work, suffice to say there were things thrown at my old place, tears were incessantly shed... and the new house somewhat saved my marriage. It amazed me too how routine can bite you in the as* and to put my disorderly relationship back on track was no abc nor 123... It's when we worked on the new house that we found our mojo back and realized we only have each other to love and to hold for now. The relationship department has improved tremendously since then. *wink*

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah swt... Again and again he saved me. The job offer came in May and I was ecstatic! Just when I thought that things would just keep crumbling down, life has finally shown me some light. I'm constantly adjusting even though I'm in my own home, my very own room. I must admit I'm a little concern that at 33 I'm being pampered by mom to a point that I get to relax after work, unlike in S.Kembangan, where life's pretty much dictated by the wall clock. I'm indeed grateful.

Once in a while, now that I'm here, I miss my former office buddies so much. Even though the old place seemed like fire and brimstone, I treasure the friendships I've made over the years and they could very much be the reason why I stayed that long. And here at my new place, I'm optimistic that I'll find a fun bunch too.

Let's hope that my mantra 'it's always greener on the other side' rings true this time.

At this very second, life has been good, that I can safely say.

Happy quokka