Friday, June 15, 2012

Of sauna box and the salesman in disguise

More often than not, when I have so much things to do at a time like handling audit, completing reports, proof editing and etc, I'd naturally resort to blogging. And this entry is one of those. I'm supposed to get 6 translations done today but I'm on medical leave instead. I slept in, like until 4 pm, right after my 9am visit to the private clinic.
Dr Shukor the Horror

Which brought me to this entry. It was an exceptional doctor visit. Simply because for the first time ever, I was humiliated to the core of my being. His name is Dr Shukor of Klinik Fadzliana, at Equine Park. You might ask why was I on an mc? Due to my bad knee, of course. My demanding job required me to man the promotional booth for the past weeks and that somehow had worsen the condition of my knee, or so I thought. Not until I met Dr Shukor.

When I walked in, his first reaction was, "Oooii gemok nya" (Oh my you're so fat!) And at that instance the old me would have slammed the door or even worse threw something at his face, instead I was calm and with poise, sat down next to him and reasoned out.

Then he went on and on and on about me being so fat and heavy for my height and that I am so obese and made my knees cry. And with his hands trace-curving my body he said, 
"Awak ni tengok bahagian kepala bukan main cun tapi tengok badan, aduh hancur, hancur!" (When I look at your face, your beautiful but when I see you in full figure, it's a catastrophe!)
He even took out a calculator to count my BMI and showed me the numbers like centimeters away from my face, and no it doesn't stop there. He slapped his forehead mumbling, again and again, "Gemoknyer, gemoknyer"(So fat, so fat)
Yes, you read that right. You see, I've been told remarks about my obesity but not as harsh as Dr Shukor's words. He was demeaning, almost heartless I would cry but I did't (normally I would) I didn't because I know my knee injury was caused by an accident, not because of my weight and for the fact that I attempted to shed a few kilos by hitting the gym. No one can take that away from me. I have my efforts.

What tickled my ears though was the part when he recommended me to purchase a sauna box. He went on again with the most ridiculous advice, that I should put on 3 layers of clothing during exercise. Then he made a bias remark about me doing saunas in a gym, when he claimed that I'm at sin for showing my aurat to the other women hence I must get this sauna box and just do it at home.

But not all things that came from his mouth were poisonous,  I agreed when he advised me to get to a dietician pronto, as my Richard Gere look alike specialist had recommended initially. Oh well, I'd like to reap the benefit of dieting come Ramadhan. That's soon, no? At the moment, relapsing I may be in the kilos shedding department but I shall not stop trying. That I promise myself.

And you know what's funny? After all that extreme banters and condescending remarks on my body weight, I asked him,

"Mana nak dapat sauna box tu?" (Where can I get the sauna box?)

"Saya ada jual." (I'm selling them)

With that, I rest my case.