Tuesday, February 12, 2013



Hello February. *rub eyes profusely*

It would be so cliché of me to exclaim, "Where have all the time gone?"

But I kid you not, where is it?

Hence, here's a quick update.

I want to blog still. (that's update no.1)

As you can see, that's quite a melancholic title I have for this entry but every fibre of my being screams evacuate!

At 33, I finally feel that I'm stuck in a rut! And I hate it. I feel that there's no way out, I'm constantly asking myself, can I get through the day?

When I self-diagnosed, I discover that, perhaps I'm unhappy.

I simply am not happy.

At work and home. I am struggling.

I don't know if 'running away' is the only best solution as it the only thing that lingered my mind lately.

I want to escape my life but not to start anew but just to take a break.

If ever I'm allowed to just ask myself this, is my life worth living?

Where can I find happiness and actually wanting to live it?

This too shall pass, they said but I feel that mine keeps on coming, overwhelming at times.

As we speak, the emotional stacks kept on piling.

I'm utterly scared that I might lose my composure and just burst.

I think I need help.

Perhaps I should just run.

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